They broke ground on Thursday, July 30th! R went out over his lunch and they had fixed the driveway and gotten a large area cleared already. I really really wish I had taken some before pictures of the driveway because it was near impassible. It was wildly overgrown, very steep and had HUGE ruts in it. HUGE isn’t even an accurate description, these ruts were so big you could fit a large dog in them comfortably. The rain would come down and wash the driveway right out. Tommy re-graded the driveway and is putting in some culverts to help divert the water. Here’s a picture of the fixed up driveway, if anyone has a picture of what it use to be please email it to me:


This is where they split off of the existing driveway and will put the driveway that leads to the front of the house:


Here they are at work clearing the land. The front right corner of the house is going to be near where the closer of the machines is. The garage is eventually going to go over where the bulldozer (or front loader or whatever you call those things) is. The garage is going to be something we build later once we can save up some money (so many 2050?).


By Friday they were done with the clearing and on Saturday the whole family headed out to check the progress. Previously, we had gone out with Tommy to flag the area that we wanted for the yard. I wanted a large yard, R (who does all the yardwork) wanted a smaller more manageable yard. We flagged out what we thought was going to be a medium sized, manageable yard. It’s really hard (especially for me) to see sizes with all the trees and brush in the way. What we ended up with was a huge yard.

From the stake is at the front left corner of the house and R is at the front right corner.

IMG_4568The stake is still the front left corner and now R is in the back right corner.


If you look really really close, you’ll see me waaaaaaaay back up by the tree. This is the back corner of the house and everything you see (plus lots that I couldn’t even fit in the picture) is the yard.

IMG_4573We had to yell at each other to be heard and even then we could barely hear each other. Small yard? … not so much.


We officially broke ground this morning. Woo hoo! There was a big bulldozer out clearing the land and doing a great job of it. R went out over his lunch break to take some pictures and it was mostly cleared already. I have pictures but I don’t have time so you’ll just have to wait.