They are moving at the speed of light over there. One week after they poured the foundation and the basement is already framed and they are working on laying the first floor joists. Have I mentioned how much we like our builder?


Looking in from the front right corner.


Looking into the “Men’s Club”


The joists extending out for the bay window in the playroom.


The basement fireplace


Pony wall in the men’s club where the bar will eventually go.


Looking from the fireplace through the house


Looking at the basement stairs entrance.


The back of the house.


I’m a little behind posting pictures (so what else is new). R did end up getting over there with our mementos before they poured the foundation. So buried in the front left corner (below the playroom) is our son’s umbilical cord clip, in the front right corner (below the laundry room) is a Grasshopper made from a palm frond that we got on our honeymoon in St. Lucia, in the back left corner (below the great room) is a balloon that a friend brought us when our son was born, and finally in the back right corner (below the master bedroom) is a flower from my wedding bouquet.

And so some pictures:


You can see the foundation is poured and they started installing the sill plate.

IMG_5034They completed the bricking of the front porch. It’s a really nice size. R picked out the brick, I had wanted a lighter one but he convinced me and I think he made a good choice.

R went over his lunch break to take some more pictures. Today the plumber was roughing in the sub-basement floor plumbing. The septic people were installing the septic tank and field. The brick layers were out putting in the brick exterior and building the fireplace.

Some pictures:



Brick exterior




Our new routine is to head out to the new house when the baby wakes up after his morning nap. This time we took a friend who was in town for the weekend with us. Our first visitor! And if any of our friends out there on the internets wants to come see we’d love to show it off.

We laid down hardwood floors in our current house and before we put the floors in we wrote little messages on the tar paper. Since we knew they were going to start pouring the slab soon, I wanted to be all mushy and sentiment and put some mementos into the new house … like a flower from our wedding, and maybe the positive pregnancy test, but I totally forgot to bring it with us. Maybe I can convince R to head out to the site before they pour the slab.

Anyway, picture time. Over the past week they poured the foundation walls, put down the stone for the basement floor, did some back filling, started taring the sides, and delivered the exterior brick. They are really getting things done much quicker than I expected.

The delivered brick.


The foundation walls


Waterproofing the exteriorIMG_4849

Coming up this week, the plumber is going to lay the rough-ins for the basement, they are going to finish the waterproofing, back filling against the house, pouring the slab, deliver the framing materials and maybe even start framing the basement!

Today they poured the foundation walls. R went out over lunch to take some pictures:


They are moving right along, going much faster than I expected. Did I say how much we heart Dobson homes yet? Big pink puffy heart LURV. They really are doing an excellent job.

Last week they drilled the well and we’ve got super water. We’ve 60 GPM (1 GPM is the minimum required for code) and a total depth of 405′.  Tommy joked that we’ve got enough water to open up a car wash.

The also stoned the driveway to the house and dug out the basement. We went over this past weekend to check it out. Some pictures:

The new driveway


The dug out basement


Today they poured the footings. R went out over lunch to check it out and everything looks great. They had the wall forms out there but not set up yet. I’m guessing that within the week the will have the basement walls poured.

IMG_4791IMG_4787(See the basement wall forms in the truck)

IMG_4788It’s really coming along quickly! We are behind on our to-do list. We got stone samples from Luck Stone but we’re having a really hard time deciding. We also have to start shopping for appliances, pick out lighting, pick out tile, get a bathroom sink and lots more. I’ve been super busy at work lately and we just haven’t had time. I think R is going to have to take another day off, we’ll put kiddo in daycare and start picking out stuff. This is so much fun!