My husband inherited land in the Ivy section of Charlottesville, VA (Hooville). In our minds we were always planning on building “in 5 years”… well 5 years has come.

Join us on our journey to build a custom home designed by my husband R and built by Dobson Homes. We’ll describe our trials an tribulations in designing our house, picking out a builder, picking out finishes, you name it. We’ll review who’s been helpful and who wasn’t … you get it straight here folks.

We love feedback so please let us hear from you!

Hoo are we:

R – Husband, Father, Programmer and all around fantastic guy. He inherited some land from his parents and designed the house we’re going to build from scratch. I am very impressed with his ingenuity.

K – Mother, Wife, Part-Time Configuration Manager and all around worrier. R is the thinker and I am the doer. We collaborate well together and have the same sense of design (most of the time).

P – Son, Baby, Cutest thing on the planet and all around fantastic child. He is an active little guy who sucks up all our time. This house was designed with him (and his future siblings) in mind.


3 Responses to “Hoo we are”

  1. susan Says:

    I am building a house in Ivy and started a blog about it. My realtor came up on yours and sent me a link. What a small world! We are not as far along as you (footings just poured), but I see a lot of similarities in our houses and blogs.
    It would be fun to swap house/blog ideas. Drop me a line any time!

    1. K Says:

      I would love to swap ideas. Where in Ivy and who’s your builder? Maybe we’re neighbors?

      ~ K

      1. susan Says:

        We are currently renting in Ivy on Owensville Rd. THe house we are building is in old ballard farm, which is also off of Owensville. Our builder is Mike Gaffney. I have two kids that go to meriwether lewis.

        where is your house? maybe we can get together and obsess over floorplans/design decisions together! my email is

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