They are busy busy busy at the house. They have the first floor completely framed and are starting on the second floor next week. We have lots of family coming in next weekend so we’re hoping they’ll have a significant portion of the second floor done so we can show them.

We’ve been super busy making lots of selections lately which I’ll post later. In other house news, the builder as usual is terrific. We hit our second snag but all is well. It appears that when they were pouring the basement, the laser leveler was off so the basement is a little (very very minutely) tilted. Tommy had some people out there last weekend to apply some self-leveling cement. We went out again on Thursday and there was still some water pooling in spots so we’ll talk to him about it. Structurally I don’t think it matters, but it does matter for drainage and for laying down flooring later. We’re not too worried.

On to the pictures!

First Floor before they added the exterior walls


View from the front of the house. The big hole on the right is where the playroom bay windows are going to go.


View from the back of the house. The big hole in the center is where the breakfast room bay windows are going to go.


Interior view standing in the kitchen looking toward the great room before they framed any rooms.


Interior view standing in the great room looking toward the kitchen before they framed the rooms.


Standing at the entry way looking in


Interior view after framing




Back after framing the bay window


Front after framing the bay window